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I can has life?

Spring term is over. Which means what might well have been my last term, ever, of regular class work, is over. (Alright, I admit there is a BIG might there, as there's a chance I'll ending up going back to school to get a degree in something totally unrelated to medieval history, but I feel that this does not negate the current weight of being done with classes and class work...)

So, no homework, no term papers, nada. And technically no hard-core work for the thesis expected for the next five weeks. Amazing! What does this all mean? It means I actually have free time to do exactly what I want for a bit. AND that means, finally finally, I'll be putting up new LJ posts. I've got a couple to put up today, and hopefully sometime in the next few weeks I'll have some more.

So, while it might still be debated whether this counts as a 'life,' at least it's verified that I can has new posts :)